Saturday, June 13, 2009

My first post!

So I finally decided to try and do a blog, I've never done one before, so this should be interesting lol. I just thought maybe you guys might like a place to keep up with me more and stuff, and thinking about it, it kind of gets me hot to think about talking about all the guys that jack off for me and the dirty things I do like this. I already love playing with you guys on the phone, so why not give it a try on my own little dirty web space lol.

I don't know how often I can update, so I might not be one of those like 3 times a day type posters. It depends on my schedule at the restaurant and also on my crappy old computer. A few months ago my laptop broke and now I'm stuck on my old desktop that constantly freezes and disconnects. Ick! I'm hoping to save up a get a new one as soon as I can though.

Sorry to you guys that have been missing by the way, I was working soooo many doubles at work and it left me so tired and hoarse from yelling over the bands at night on the deck. Even when I was all riled up and wet, I couldn't hardly talk.

This week has been wayyyy better though. Although it sucks that they cut my shifts in half money-wise, it's been awesome having a little extra time to myself and being able to drain buckets and buckets of hot drippy cum from all of you. It makes my panties damp just thinking about it!

I'm hoping to log in tonight too and have some naughty fun. Right now I'm at my gf's apartment hanging out with her for a bit. She knows what I do on Niteflirt and about my fetishes and thinks I'm kinda crazy, but I think she's just a lil jealous lol. I've seen her when you get a few drinks into her and she is quite the lil cum slut herself, she just hasn't admitted yet. (She so saw my typing this and hit me with a stuffed rabbit lol).

Ok, so I'm off to go get my sexy ass beat with stuffed animals I guess for calling out my secret slut friend lol. Keep an eye out for me tonight though because I have been craving some hot jerking off in my face fun and I know I won't be able to stay away!

Talk to you soon!